Crafting is for life not just for Chistmas!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Some Homemade Christmas Offerings

Chistmas is always a pretty homemade affair in my Mum's house. I like to help out where I can. The past couple of years I have started doing flavoured vodkas. This year's offerings included blackberry, lime and orange and some sloe gin. The best thing is the blackberries and sloes were picked from the hedgerows around work during my lunch breaks.

I also made some bracelets for Mum and Nan as some gifts. These are fresh water pearls, smokey quartz and clear quartz and garnet chips.


  1. Those bracelets are stunning .

  2. Thank you. I'd love to turn them into a business one day.

  3. Gorgeous bracelets and the vodka sounds so yum!

    I think you are right with regards the card making too ;)

  4. Mmm I'm not normally a vodka fan but the blackcurrant one sound YUMM. Fantastic bracelets too. Jaqui x